MyFitnessPal App Hacked

MyFitnessPal App Hacked – Millions of Affected Users are Informed of Breach

Users of MyFitnessPal have just received an email outlining a major security breach which reportedly occurred in February of 2018. The email coming from Paul Fipps, MyFitnessPal’s Chief Digital Officer, explains that on March 25, 2018 (4 days prior to reporting the breach) MyFitnessPal became aware of a hacker gaining access to “usernames, email address Read more about MyFitnessPal App Hacked – Millions of Affected Users are Informed of Breach[…]

Essential PH-1's notch vs Apple X's notch

Why Haven’t Any Android OEM’s Copied Essential’s Notch?

Notches, Notches, Everywhere! The notch trend in modern mobile devices is a dead horse beaten; that’s for certain. By now we accept, albeit with some embarrassment, that Android OEMs are copying Cupertino’s lead rather mindlessly; BGR readers are squealing with delight, it’s true! To be fair, the trend in notches is only somewhat A) a Read more about Why Haven’t Any Android OEM’s Copied Essential’s Notch?[…]

Does Anyone Care About the Google Pixel Phone After Today?

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting a while for the newest Google Nexus, err, Google Pixel phones to be released. Now that the day’s come and gone, we’ve seen that the Pixel and Pixel XL (“the big one”) are pretty much exactly what the leaks suggested: High-end specs: “Best” camera in a mobile ever Read more about Does Anyone Care About the Google Pixel Phone After Today?[…]

Child-Proof your Android Device in 3 Steps

I often hear complaints from parents that their children have gotten ahold of their devices and either made in-app purchases, uninstalled some apps or even called long distance and made funny noises into the phone for an hour… If this sounds like you, I have an easy and free solution on Android. 3 Simple Steps Read more about Child-Proof your Android Device in 3 Steps[…]

Android’s Next Big Breakthrough?

Amazon is set to release their first Android phone and they hope to gain market traction by marketing its unique 3D interface. “there’s no interface like it.” – Amazon Amazon would take offence to a comparison between their new phone and say the HTC EVO 3D. That’s because Amazon has built an entirely different 3D concept, one Read more about Android’s Next Big Breakthrough?[…]

Tizen a Viable Android Competitor?

What the Heck is Tizen? Tizen is a new mobile operating system currently in development by Samsung and Intel. If media reports are accurate, Tizen should be found on many different devices including high-end Samsung smartphones by 2014. Tizen introduces the first mobile OS where apps will be built solely with HTML5, Javascript and CSS, Read more about Tizen a Viable Android Competitor?[…]

Is Android Innovation Dead?

Is Android Innovation Dead?

2013’s Been Kinda Boring… I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for some big Android news. 2013 has been quite boring frankly for Android, I don’t envy the mass of tech. journalists who go to sleep at night wondering how they’re going to spin an original article from some incremental update Samsung made Read more about Is Android Innovation Dead?[…]

Should Microsoft/Nokia Make Android Phones?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Nokia (now Microsoft) should either make Android phones or get out of the mobile OS space for good. I know that might sound foolish or crazy, but please, hear me out… What the … The Microsoft Nokia merger for $7B was a major head-scratcher. It was Read more about Should Microsoft/Nokia Make Android Phones?[…]