“F*ck You and Your Free App Too!”

I’m pretty excited to write this post, as a developer, I sometimes get the wackiest, most fucked up reviews one can imagine. Over the course of a few years I’ve noticed various trends common among these douche bags. Whether it be the guy that jumps straight to personal insults, “my 3 year-old could code a better piece Read more about “F*ck You and Your Free App Too!”[…]

Android’s Next Big Breakthrough?

Amazon is set to release their first Android phone and they hope to gain market traction by marketing its unique 3D interface. “there’s no interface like it.” – Amazon Amazon would take offence to a comparison between their new phone and say the HTC EVO 3D. That’s because Amazon has built an entirely different 3D concept, one Read more about Android’s Next Big Breakthrough?[…]

Can OnePlus Turn a Profit?

OnePlus just released their flagship phone, their first major U.S.launch, the One and I’ll bet a billion dollars it’s causing quite the shitstorm in corporate boardrooms around the world… Here’s the thing: the One sells for about $350 less than the new Samsung S5, but it packs the same hardware (even better really), it’s unlocked, Read more about Can OnePlus Turn a Profit?[…]

Moto G retails for $179 unlocked and off contract!

Moto G: The Best Smartphone Deal of the Decade?

Moto G: Cheap Yet Sophisticated Well holy smokes, can you believe Motorola is going to sell the Moto G for just $179 unlocked and off contract? That’s fricken’ incredible and if this doesn’t concern Apple, well actually, who cares about Apple.With a Snapdragon 800 quad-core, 1GB of RAM, a 720p LCD and 2070 mAh battery, Read more about Moto G: The Best Smartphone Deal of the Decade?[…]

Tizen a Viable Android Competitor?

What the Heck is Tizen? Tizen is a new mobile operating system currently in development by Samsung and Intel. If media reports are accurate, Tizen should be found on many different devices including high-end Samsung smartphones by 2014. Tizen introduces the first mobile OS where apps will be built solely with HTML5, Javascript and CSS, Read more about Tizen a Viable Android Competitor?[…]

Is Android Innovation Dead?

Is Android Innovation Dead?

2013’s Been Kinda Boring… I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for some big Android news. 2013 has been quite boring frankly for Android, I don’t envy the mass of tech. journalists who go to sleep at night wondering how they’re going to spin an original article from some incremental update Samsung made Read more about Is Android Innovation Dead?[…]

Video Demo of Saving Made Simple

Saving Made Simple http://goo.gl/xuiTR is a free money saving app for Android. Saving Made Simple makes saving money easy by automatically breaking down your goals and recommending routine payments to meet your deadlines. The app can automatically notify you of your savings progress and alert you to upcoming deadlines. Check out the video below to Read more about Video Demo of Saving Made Simple[…]

Should Microsoft/Nokia Make Android Phones?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Nokia (now Microsoft) should either make Android phones or get out of the mobile OS space for good. I know that might sound foolish or crazy, but please, hear me out… What the … The Microsoft Nokia merger for $7B was a major head-scratcher. It was Read more about Should Microsoft/Nokia Make Android Phones?[…]

Cyanogen Inc. – A Betrayal to the Spirit of Android

This post might draw me a lot of heat but please hear me out before automatically coming to a conclusion. I like you have been a lover of all things CyanogenMod for years. My first ROM flash was CM 6 for the Motorola Droid, I can still remember just how fricken excited I was to Read more about Cyanogen Inc. – A Betrayal to the Spirit of Android[…]