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Does Anyone Care About the Google Pixel Phone After Today?

Pixel XL and Pixel

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting a while for the newest Google Nexus, err, Google Pixel phones to be released.

Now that the day’s come and gone, we’ve seen that the Pixel and Pixel XL (“the big one”) are pretty much exactly what the leaks suggested:

  • High-end specs:
    • “Best” camera in a mobile ever
    • Snapdragon 821 (first use in a phone)
    • 2700/3400 mAh batteries (Pixel/Pixel XL) for all day usage
    • Everything else you’d expect (except wireless charging surprisingly)…

The leaked designs in the last 4 weeks were exactly spot on, no real surprises and nothing ground breaking here… And Allo already popped the balloon for Google Assistant, leaving no notable software surprise for Google’s first flagship…begging the question, “Is anyone still excited about the Pixel and Pixel XL?”

Will you be buying one or opting for an existing device? Vote now!

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