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Child-Proof your Android Device in 3 Steps

I often hear complaints from parents that their children have gotten ahold of their devices and either made in-app purchases, uninstalled some apps or even called long distance and made funny noises into the phone for an hour… If this sounds like you, I have an easy and free solution on Android.

3 Simple Steps to Safety

Kids Zone Parental Controls is a 3-step solution to stopping your child from frankly messing up your device and your bank account!

Kids Zone is ridiculously easy to set up and get running:

  1. Create a child’s profile and add kid-friendly apps to it.
  2. Pick a wallpaper your child will love.
  3. Set a secret PIN and lock the device.

Your child can now only use the apps you picked for their profile! All in-app purchases are blocked by default from the Google Play store.

Watch How Simple It Is

Check out this brief YouTube video to see for yourself how quickly you can enable the child-lock and other parental control features:

Powerful Parental Control Features Included

Besides creating profiles of kid-safe apps and locking your device, Kids Zone offers other awesome features (some of which are pro):

  • Automatically relock the device if it’s rebooted.
  • Block kids from making phone calls or texts.
  • Automatically reloads apps for younger children.
  • Prevents access to the Internet and blocks ad clicks.
  • Blocks in-app purchases and app installs without your permission.
  • Prevent kid’s apps hidden on your phone from being used.
  • Prevents access to Home, notifications, system menus, device settings and all personal data.

If you’ve ever complained about your Android phone or tablet being misused by a child – you JUST need to download Kids Zone Parental Controls for free now!

Uh Oh… These Parents Didn’t Use Kids Zone

Still not convinced you need a child-lock for Android? Check out what happened to these parents who didn’t use Kids Zone:

Had the above parents used Kids Zone these purchases would have never occurred! You simply have too much to risk to NOT be using a free parental control on Android.

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