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Android’s Next Big Breakthrough?

Amazon is set to release their first Android phone and they hope to gain market traction by marketing its unique 3D interface.

“there’s no interface like it.” – Amazon

Amazon would take offence to a comparison between their new phone and say the HTC EVO 3D. That’s because Amazon has built an entirely different 3D concept, one where the phone maps the 3D environment around YOU, as well as providing a glasses free 3D screen experience.

Amazon’s phone has 4 front facing cameras that track your body through space and react to intuitive gestures; imagine pinching your fingers in front of your face to zoom in on the screen. Home screens, apps, games, etc. can be controlled by your body.

This new Kinect-like functionality combined with a “brilliant” glasses-free 3D experience is honestly pretty exciting!

However, will it be gimmicky? If it is, it’s lifespan will be short and users will be left again seeking true Android innovation…

Is Amazon about to revolutionize the landscape, or, will this technology turn out to be a gimmick?

If you think Amazon’s 3D is a gimmick, pick one of examples below that best matches its “gimmickyness”!


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