Can OnePlus Turn a Profit?

OnePlus just released their flagship phone, their first major U.S.launch, the One and I’ll bet a billion dollars it’s causing quite the shitstorm in corporate boardrooms around the world…

Here’s the thing: the One sells for about $350 less than the new Samsung S5, but it packs the same hardware (even better really), it’s unlocked, and it runs with a no frills version of Android!

I bet you’re thinking, “why would you buy a S5 then?” Exactly, why would you? It’s not like the plastic back of the S5 is nicer than the One’s…

If OnePlus can actually turn a profit, while continuing to sell top shelf hardware for up to $350 less, the biggest names in Android ought to panic!

What do you think, is OnePlus a game changer?

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Ryan Park
Ryan is a self-taught Android developer who's passionate about designing powerful apps with simple & intuitive user interfaces. Ryan's currently maintaining his hit app Kids Zone as it continues to rapidly grow each day. When not fixing bugs and writing features you'll find Ryan out for a drive, working out or petting his chihuahuas!


  1. The software is actually even better than “no frills”. It presents features you really want such as barrier-free tethering instead of another messaging app such as ChatOn. In a world where you can choose between things such as WhatsApp, LINE, BBM, or… whatever it is that are cross-platform, why would you want a bloatware that can only be used on Samsung phones?

  2. I was thinking about this earlier, like what the Steambox is doing to the console gaming industry… I was really going to look into phones that you could upgrade yourself, instead of buying a whole package when a new phone comes out every year and a half..

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