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Can OnePlus Turn a Profit?

OnePlus just released their flagship phone, their first major U.S.launch, the One and I’ll bet a billion dollars it’s causing quite the shitstorm in corporate boardrooms around the world…

Here’s the thing: the One sells for about $350 less than the new Samsung S5, but it packs the same hardware (even better really), it’s unlocked, and it runs with a no frills version of Android!

I bet you’re thinking, “why would you buy a S5 then?” Exactly, why would you? It’s not like the plastic back of the S5 is nicer than the One’s…

If OnePlus can actually turn a profit, while continuing to sell top shelf hardware for up to $350 less, the biggest names in Android ought to panic!

What do you think, is OnePlus a game changer?


  1. The software is actually even better than “no frills”. It presents features you really want such as barrier-free tethering instead of another messaging app such as ChatOn. In a world where you can choose between things such as WhatsApp, LINE, BBM, or… whatever it is that are cross-platform, why would you want a bloatware that can only be used on Samsung phones?

  2. I was thinking about this earlier, like what the Steambox is doing to the console gaming industry… I was really going to look into phones that you could upgrade yourself, instead of buying a whole package when a new phone comes out every year and a half..

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