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Kids Zone Parental Controls for Android [Video]

The Easiest Parental Control to Configure on Android

Effective parental control on Android doesn’t have to be difficult. Kids Zone’s parental controls block all apps and services by default, including Google Play in-app purchases, e-mail, device settings, SMS, etc. If you’d like your child to have access to an app, simply add it to their profile of kid-friendly apps.

Parental Control you can Count On

Our parental control app uses a custom algorithm which is the most effective at preventing unauthorized apps and services from loading. Kids Zone uses an innovative approach to filter out harmful apps you don’t want your children seeing, while still offering awesome features like the ability for kids to pause apps where they left off!

Moreover, Kids Zone is the only parental control to offer Chore Mode. When enabled, the device will lock automatically at the time interval(s) you set. When the device locks, children will be required to do their chores before they will be able to play on the device again! Many parents love this option because it actually motivates kids to do their homework and chores regularly!

Watch Our Parental Control in Action

Please check out the short demo video of my latest Android app Kids Zone. I guarantee this is one of the most unique Android apps you’ve ever seen, check it out:

Get a free copy of our Android parental control Kids Zone now!

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