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Innovative New Parental Control App Protects Parent’s Phones & Motivates Kids to do their Chores!

Kids Zone App Lock is a brand new parental control app available  for free in the Google Play store:

Kids Zone addresses all of the major problems parents face today with mobile devices. Research shows these problems to be:

  1. It’s difficult to prevent kids from changing your device’s settings, making phone calls, accessing inappropriate apps and making in-app purchases.
  2. Kids need to spend less time on mobile devices and more time with the family/completing their responsibilities.

Kids Zone prevents these problems by completely securing your device, only allowing the apps you pick for your child’s profile to be launched. After locking the phone/tablet to these apps, a special “Chore Mode” can also be enabled.

Chore Mode motivates kids to do their chores and homework. When enabling Chore Mode parents set a time limit and specify whether to repeat the limit or only have it go off once. When the time’s up, Chore Mode completely secures the device requiring kids do their chores before Kids Zone resumes.

Kids Zone is packed full of other awesome features that parents will love:

  • It’s simple, all settings and functions are 1-2 taps away!
  • Create secret PIN’s so that even teenagers can’t beat Kids Zone
  • Create unlimited profiles* containing kids apps the system helps you pick with our unique scanning technology
  • Kids can’t make in-app purchases, texts, phone calls, changes to settings, etc
  • Quick Unlock for incoming phone calls makes it simple to exit Kids Zone fast
  • Auto-reload the last app if it was closed or hidden.*
  • Automatically keep the screen on so the lock screen isn’t always getting in a child’s way
  • Limit your child’s total device usage by creating a single Chore Mode time limit

*Pro version –

If you’re a parent with an Android phone, you absolutely need Kids Zone, it’s FREE and available now in the Google Play Store:

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