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AdMob Adds Interstitial Advertising and Brand New Interface!

AdMob has changed significantly today!
AdMob now offers interstitial ads!

I just went to check stats on my app Saving Made Simple and was PLEASANTLY surprised. It seems AdMob has updated their interface, actually, that’s an understatement: they’ve redesigned the entire program, you even have to register a new account.

AdMob seems to have taken things to the next level, now there’s interstitial advertising and one can create ad zones akin to AdSense. Reporting and tracking options seem to have increased significantly, you can now focus in on more demographics and it appears the performance of your app will now be a metric tracked in AdMob (not sure if this is strictly ad performance or not).

Moreover, it looks like we can once again tune the type of ads our users are shown. It appears we can narrow the ads shown based on various categories or niches, moreover, it appears we can limit our campaigns to certain advertisers or partners of AdMob.

Overall, I am quite excited about the new AdMob interface and program changes, what do you think about them?

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