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Savings Goal Calculator – Automatically Shows You Exactly How Much Money to Save!

Savings Goal Calculator Saving Made Simple
The #1 Savings Goal Calculator on Android – It’s Free Too

Automate your Savings Goal Success

Savings goals, savings goals, savings goals. We all have them, however, let’s be honest, most of use rarely succeed in consistently saving the money we need to meet our savings goals. The reason most people fail in saving money is simple: up till now there’s been no easy way track your savings goals in a convenient manner. Given this problem, a young CPA created Saving Made Simple, a free Android app that allows you to create goals, track your savings progress and ultimately succeed!

CPA’s Savings Goal Calculator is the #1 Rated Android App

Saving Made Simple has become the #1 rated Android app for saving money! Saving Made Simple has grown in popularity because of how it simplifies the money saving process. Enter your savings goals and the app will automatically prioritize your goals by date, break your goals down into manageable and regular payments and notify you of your savings progress and deadlines! All you have to do is set up automatic recurring payments, or add manual payments against your goals. Tracking your payments is simple and intuitive, never miss a savings goal ever again!

Save for Expenses, Bills & More

Use Saving Made Simple to save money for upcoming expenses like vacations, Christmas present, college tuition, car insurance, etc. Whether you need to save for car repair bills, property taxes, a down payment on a new home, no matter what, you can create  goal for it and track your progress simply with this app. Never miss a due date again, easy to set and customizable notifications remind you of your savings goals’ progress and when your goal is due. Saving money is now stress-free!

Start Meeting Your Savings Goals Today

Grab a free copy of Saving Made Simple from the Google Play store today! The sooner you start tracking your savings goals and progress the more likely you will have success. Saving money doesn’t need to be stressful, use this app and put all your savings goals just a click away!


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