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Problem opening Android Studio after installation?

Android Studio Won’t Open for You Either? This is How to Fix the Android Studio IDE!

Problem opening Android Studio after installation?
Installed Android Studio and it Won’t Open?

Android Studio was released today by Google during their I/O keynote speech. If you’re not familiar with it (download a copy here) it’s the beta release of Android’s IDE alternative to Eclipse. Android Studio has many familiar aspects which it shares with Eclipse, though I must say Android Studio feels much “crisper” and more intuitive than Eclipse ever was.

How to Fix Android Studio Not Opening After Installation

Anyway, we’re here to fix a problem with Android Studio not opening after installation. If you’re like me, you downloaded the executable, installed it and allowed the application to run after installation completed; I sat twiddling my thumbs for five minutes waiting for anything to appear, nothing happened. Frustrated, I concocted some stellar Google queries and found the final solution thanks to Stackoverflow:

Adding system variable [Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables] JDK_HOME with value c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\ worked for me. Latest java release can be downloaded here

Once you complete the above, steps re-load Android Studio and a small splash screen should display followed by the application in 5-10 seconds.

I hope this helps you like it helped me!


  1. I have tried exactly like you stated, but it still wont work. I have tried changing to JAVA_HOME, to JDK_HOME..and even adding bin on the end. Can someone please help

  2. Thanks for this, first result in Google and you got it spot on. Thanks for the extra effort to point to the JDK too, I hate Oracles website. Works fine for me adding JDK_HOME to User Variables.

  3. For those with Linux systems, if you are creating a .desktop file to launch the program and have troubles running the application, specify the JAVA_HOME variable in the same line you use to launch the program:
    JDK_HOME=”/usr/lib/jvm/icedtea-7/” /home/user/Programs/android-studio/bin/

  4. I have a problem when i create a new project dose not create activity file (.xml), and when i created (.xml) file ,Displays only the text, and does not display design.

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