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I’ve found many of you have a desire to create your first app by learning Java/Android. I know how overwhelming it can feel to get started, especially as someone who’s not a programmer. This being said, I put together a PDF with every single resource I used to create my first Android – Saving Made Simple.

Download the Android App Development Cheat Sheet and get started with your first app in days! Visit the blog often as I intend on updating this resource and adding many more.

I wish you all the success in learning Android,


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Ryan Park
Ryan is a self-taught Android developer who's passionate about designing powerful apps with simple & intuitive user interfaces. Ryan's currently maintaining his hit app Kids Zone as it continues to rapidly grow each day. When not fixing bugs and writing features you'll find Ryan out for a drive, working out or petting his chihuahuas!


  1. Christoph Langner
    Christoph Langner

    It would be great, if you would choose a CC license for your document, so that other people might share it, without the fear to violate your copyright. There’s a license chooser on By, Christoph

  2. I’m in the process of developing my first app. I haven’t exhaustively read everything you’ve posted. But it is a GO-TO for me for information. I really appreciate all the work you’ve done to compile this info. Champion effort!


  3. […] compilation of the resources that Android Developer Ryan Park used to teach himself Java, Android and create his first published app in the Google Play […]

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