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Save Money the Simple Way on Android–Saving Made Simple

Saving Made Simple - Download it Free

Saving Made Simple helps you succeed in saving money. The key to savings success is tracking your progress against your savings goal. Saving Made Simple tracks your savings progress simply and beautifully: once you set a savings goal, you simply add payments against your goal and periodically (at your liking) the app will notify you of your savings progress.

– Simple, straightforward interface, designed for kids and adults.
– Highly customizable savings goal.
– Countdown showing the number of days to the goal’s deadline.
– Daily, weekly and monthly breakdowns of savings required to meet goal.
– Helpful notification based reminders of your savings progress.
– Add or delete payments against your goal.
– List your 5 most recent payments against your goal.
– And much more, download it now!

Tired of not saving your money? Download Saving Made Simple now!

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