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16GB Nexus 7 priced to go at $199 – 32GB Nexus 7 just released at $249!

The Nexus 7 is an awesome tablet. If you don’t own one, or haven’t tried one, go test one out yourself! You’ll be amazed at the screen quality and the remarkably low price. I’ve never owned a gadget so smooth and satisfying as the Nexus 7, after 3 months of ownership, I can still say that!

The Nexus 7 fits great in any hand, even small hands, and isn’t too heavy to hold for long periods of time. Having come from a 10″ tablet, portability is the biggest advantage the 7 has. Although the screen is quite a bit smaller, the Nexus 7 still offers the full functionality provided by a 10″ tablet, it’s just easier to carry around and hold all day. I haven’t touched my 10″ tablet since purchasing the Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7’s processor is wickedly fast, being the first wide-spread quad-core on the market it’s definitely not the fastest chip anymore, however, it gets the job done with zero lag and runs all games its encountered blazingly fast. If you combine the Nexus 7 with CyanogenMod’s custom ROM, performance ticks up another notch!

All-in-all why would you even look at an iPad mini when the Nexus 7 is faster, cheaper, more portable and has a slicker design? Go Google Go!

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