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Kids Zone keeps kids safe for free

The #1 Parental Control App on Google Play is also 100% free! Please install it now and tell a few friends...
Kids Zone protects your kids and Android device with smart parental controls

Kids Zone is the not only the #1 Parental Control app on Android, but it's also free and easy to setup! Keep your kids safe on any Android device, tablet or phone, in just 4 simple steps.

Setting up Kids Zone is a breeze:
1. Install Kids Zone Parental Controls
2. Create a profile for your child
3. Pick the apps your child can access
4. Lock the device tight!

Kids Zone has been tested thoroughly to ensure it's child lock technology is the strongest it can be. Over 500,000 parents trust Kids Zone to block their children from accessing bad apps on their devices.

Besides protecting kids from bad apps, Kids Zone also features:
- Screen-time limits you control
- Phone and SMS blocker
- In-app-purchase blocker
- Automatic reloading of apps for young children
- And many more configurable settings

Install Kids Zone for free now!

  • Kids Zone can be set up on any Android device in only 30 seconds

  • Kids Zone protects thousands of children every day with sophisticated parental controls

  • No frills here, core features include a screen-time limiter, phone blocker and SMS blocker; this keeps things simple!

  • Our parental control and child lock is 100% free, tell your friends please!

The Team (It's Just Me)

But I work really hard...

Ryan Park

Founder, Dreamer, “The Guy”
Ryan’s dreamed of developing software since he was just 8 years old and got his first PC.

Since then Kids Zone has grown to be within the top 100 grossing Tools on Google Play!

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Get the #1 Parental Control & Child Lock on Android for free now!

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