Two Chinese Websites Sold $5,750,000,000 Worth of Stuff in a Single Day!

Often we hear about China being the most important market for Google, or for General Motors or for Apple, or for… pretty much every blue chip company in North America. Of course everyone thinks of the Chinese economy as a good opportunity, but many people don’t understand how humongous it really is. Take the Chinese Internet company[…]

AdMob Adds Interstitial Advertising and Brand New Interface!

I just went to check stats on my app Saving Made Simple and was PLEASANTLY surprised. It seems AdMob has updated their interface, actually, that’s an understatement: they’ve redesigned the entire program, you even have to register a new account. AdMob seems to have taken things to the next level, now there’s interstitial advertising and[…]

Many have noticed a drop in Active User Installs in their Google Play Developers Console.

Drop in Active User Installs Starting May 13th in the Google Play Developer Console?

Why are Active User Installs Dropping in the Google Play Developers Console!? Edit: Oops, clearly it was May 13th. Two days ago I opened the Google Play Developer Console to utter shock. My app, Saving Made Simple, is by no means a runaway hit, though Active User Installs were progressing nicely until the morning of[…]

Dear Google RE: Google Babel – “What in the living hell is this cutsie crap?!”

Dear Google, Holy sh*t! What kind of freak-show-abomination-iPhone-deformed-love-child-from-Hell have I stumbled upon here?! Let’s not mince words, if these Google Babel (Google Babel is now rumored to replace Google Talk, this is how the Gmail interpretation looks) screenshots are to be believed, Google is starting the iPhonification of their design! This better be a joke, if not,[…]

Motorola X Phone

Motorola X Phone, “4,000 mAh Battery is the Left Hook, Water-Proofing is the Right Cross, Together: KO”

I hate to say it, but differentiation is nearly dead in recent Samsung Galaxy iterations. Sure, the S4 is probably better in all ways, but that’s kind of like the iPhone 5: “meh.” I thought for sure I’d want the S4, my plan for the last year has been to upgrade from the formidable S2[…]


Silently, Google flipped the switch on the single most exciting development EVER for Android Developers…

Just updated my app in the Google Play Store, I noticed immediately that I could respond to user ratings! This is tremendous! I can now reply to low ratings and work out user’s frustrations, as well, I can acknowledge user requests and get further clarity from users. Check this out for more details…