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Moto G: The Best Smartphone Deal of the Decade?

Moto G retails for $179 unlocked and off contract!

Moto G: Cheap Yet Sophisticated Well holy smokes, can you believe Motorola is going to sell the Moto G for just $179 unlocked and off contract? That’s fricken’ incredible and if this doesn’t concern Apple, well actually, who cares about

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Tizen a Viable Android Competitor?

Tizen is Samsung and Intel's Android competitor

What the Heck is Tizen? Tizen is a new mobile operating system currently in development by Samsung and Intel. If media reports are accurate, Tizen should be found on many different devices including high-end Samsung smartphones by 2014. Tizen introduces

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Is Android Innovation Dead?

Is Android Innovation Dead?

2013′s Been Kinda Boring… I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for some big Android news. 2013 has been quite boring frankly for Android, I don’t envy the mass of tech. journalists who go to sleep at night

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CyanogenMod Inc. – A Betrayal to the Spirit of Android


This post might draw me a lot of heat but please hear me out before automatically coming to a conclusion. I like you have been a lover of all things CyanogenMod for years. My first ROM flash was CM 6

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Moto X a Total Flop? Do We Really Believe Google’s Dropped the Ball?

Moto X a Flop?

Update: Looks like I was right unfortunately… To date (November 12, 2013) sales of Moto X have severely disappointed Motorola at only 500,000 units! I’m not going to rehash all the specs and leaks that’ve occurred around the Google/Motorola love-child phone the

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Android Studio Won’t Open for You Either? This is How to Fix the Android Studio IDE!

Problem opening Android Studio after installation?

Android Studio was released today by Google during their I/O keynote speech. If you’re not familiar with it (download a copy here) it’s the beta release of Android’s IDE alternative to Eclipse. Android Studio has many familiar aspects which it

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Dear Google RE: Google Babel – “What in the living hell is this cutsie crap?!”

Dear Google, Holy sh*t! What kind of freak-show-abomination-iPhone-deformed-love-child-from-Hell have I stumbled upon here?! Let’s not mince words, if these Google Babel (Google Babel is now rumored to replace Google Talk, this is how the Gmail interpretation looks) screenshots are to be believed,

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Motorola X Phone, “4,000 mAh Battery is the Left Hook, Water-Proofing is the Right Cross, Together: KO”

Motorola X Phone

I hate to say it, but differentiation is nearly dead in recent Samsung Galaxy iterations. Sure, the S4 is probably better in all ways, but that’s kind of like the iPhone 5: “meh.” I thought for sure I’d want the

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Silently, Google flipped the switch on the single most exciting development EVER for Android Developers…


Just updated my app in the Google Play Store, I noticed immediately that I could respond to user ratings! This is tremendous! I can now reply to low ratings and work out user’s frustrations, as well, I can acknowledge user

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Samsung HomeSync, a 1TB Google TV set top box just announced!

Interestingly, and seemingly out of nowhere, Samsung is set to debut their “HomeSync” media server tomorrow at MWC. This puppy packs decent specs but nothing that stands out from last year’s Galaxy models, hopefully the aim here is to deliver

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