Problem opening Android Studio after installation?

Android Studio Won’t Open for You Either? This is How to Fix the Android Studio IDE!

Android Studio was released today by Google during their I/O keynote speech. If you’re not familiar with it (download a copy here) it’s the beta release of Android’s IDE alternative to Eclipse. Android Studio has many familiar aspects which it shares with Eclipse, though I must say Android Studio feels much “crisper” and more intuitive[…]

Android Observers and Observables – How to Update Activities Automatically Upon Data Changes!

Extending the Android Observer and Observable Classes for Auto Updates The beauty of using an object oriented language such as Java is the ability to extend other classes on your object. Two awesome example of this are the Java Observer and Observable classes. By extending the Observable class on your data object (model), you are[…]

How to Make Your Android App Promote Itself Socially in Just 4 Lines of Code!

Android’s built-in sharing function is a great way to spread the word about your first Android App. In this brief tutorial I’m not only going to show you how to set up sharing from your app, but I’m also going to spill my secrets on how sharing can make your app market itself! Think it[…]

Android 9-Patch Images–How they Work and How to Create Them

Everyone seems to be interested in how Android deals with multiple screen sizes and pixel densities, after all, Android comes in thousands of different configurations. One of the ways Android deals with this is through dynamic images called 9-Patch images. A 9-Patch is a special kind of PNG image, the Android operating system reads the[…]

Android Tutorial Review – Populating Android Spinner Data from an SQLite Database

Background: I always suggest using an SQLite database for storing your apps’ data. Even if your app doesn’t store a huge amount of data, you may find benefits to using a database over an app’s SharedPreferences (SharedPreferences are essentially settings each app can save). For instance, one of the best things about storing your data[…]

Android Development Cheat Sheet – PDF Download

I’ve found many of you have a desire to create your first app by learning Java/Android. I know how overwhelming it can feel to get started, especially as someone who’s not a programmer. This being said, I put together a PDF with every single resource I used to create my first Android – Saving Made[…]

Want to learn Android Development? Here’s a list of every resource I used to publish my first Android App, for free!

Check out my post over at Reddit by clicking here, you’ll find a public Google Doc with tons of resources, all free! The resources are all of the examples, tutorials, programs, downloads I needed to create my first Android app and publish it in the Google Store. Everything is organized and sorted, I’m sure you’ll[…]